Born in 1949 in Cairo Egypt, in the city of Heliopolis. Camille Ohan was a student at the elementary school of the Brothers of Heliopolis and secondary education at the college de la “Sainte Famille” (Pères Jésuites) he received his Bachelor in French. His mother was a teacher at college des Sœurs de Notre Dames Des Apôtres and, his father a banker for the Bank of Cairo International. Camille Ohan immigrated to Canada in 1967 the year of exhibitions at the age of 16.

His sport: as a 9-year old he was a member in Wadi El Nil scout camp and attended almost every weekend, he never missed provisions and attended early in the morning to participate in the activities of the day which included: Racing, cycling, football, volleyball, reading and music. He sought an art of combat because it was the time of the fittest, and it is the Samurai that his parents decided to inscribe him in, knowing that the discipline and respect prevailed in the Japanese martial arts. The practices and training were almost always outside in the nature, a dojo decorated by trees, the air and sand is what Camille considered a true dojo. The sound of birds has always helped strengthen his focus and the sound of water to discover breathing. Childhood and adolescence were quite developed by the learning and commitments learned and served by arts and the sport of Karate which he preferred.

He is the president of the FKCO which currently has over 700 active members in all of Quebec. He is also the North-American Branch Chief for the WKO which has over 80000 active members.