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Sensei David Ricci,

Has been practicing karate for over 25 years, under the tutelage of Shihan Camille Ohan.

He has represented Canada in the 2005 World Karate Organisation's 3rd World Cup tournament in Osaka Japan.

He has attended many international seminars, with world renound karate masters including;

Shihan Kenji Midori

Shihan Isao Kobayashi

Shihan Yasuharu Fujihara

Shihan Shinishi Sotodate

Shihan Jesus Talan

He has also, trained at the FUKUOKA branch in Japan for 2 weeks with some of Japans top fighting champions. This is where he discovered the meaning of Sutogure Spirit.

In March 2013 David Ricci successfully obtained his 3rd degree black belt rank (SANDAN) and the title of Sensei in the presence of Shihan Camille Ohan, Shihan Guy Salter, Shihan Alain Bordeleau, and Shihan Jesus Talan from Spain.

Sensei Ricci enjoys sharing his knowlege of Karate with those who are willing to learn with humility and respect.

His favorite Kyokushin karate activities include; Helping others, Precision training, Kata training, Kumite training, Tameshiwari training (Breaking), and Meditation.