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The main philosophy of WKO Shinkyokushinkai, is to "Master our Mind". With our activities centered on the three pillars of nurturing youth, social contribution, and international exchange, we carry on with our daily efforts to further promote BUDO Karate. WKO has now developed into an organization with 80,000 registered members in 92 countries, and karate has crossed over all borders, including nationality, race, religion, age, and gender. Karate is loved by the world as a noble BUDO (Martial Art), for it can be trained throughout life, and holds the role of strenghtening and enriching one's mind and soul. The number of youth practitioners has recently increased at a remarkable rate, and in the context of education, karate dojos have attracted significant attention and expectations.

In January of 2015, Sensei David Ricci officially received the title of WKO CONTACT from the WKO Headquarters to represent North-America within his sector in Laval, Quebec, Canada.